Real McCoy's Renovations

Real McCoys has made significant changes to our indoor and outdoor areas to keep you safe and provide for an enjoyable dining and entertainment experience. The pictures below display some of the remodeling changes to ensure social distancing and customer safety.

Our large restaurant allows us to offer varying social distance services. Our highest level of safety is our new patio! Tables are sprayed down twice a day and in between every guest. All tables are over 6 feet apart and you’re in the fresh clean air. Everything we bring to your table (silverware, menus, plates, drinks) is one time usage items. All of this in the great outdoors.

Come inside and enjoy the comforts of our newly renovated dining room. Our changes allowed for a roomier seating arrangement. Our tables are spaced apart for social distancing. Our bathrooms are professionally cleaned once a week and by us many times a day. Customer flow has been manageable and at no times have we come close to our reduced occupancy.


Since opening back up to the public weve been continuously cleaning and staying sanitized. We sanitize areas in between guests and routinely throughout the day. We also have a crew that routinely sanitizes the entire restaurant and bathrooms. The sanitation twins: 2 garden sprayers filled with sanitizer! It's so handy to hit tables, chairs, walls, textured surfaces, bar, patio, and game room. We've been doing this since re-opening. Also got Filta Environmental Crew to sanitize and coat a germ and virus shield over all the surfaces. This place is certified sanitary for at least 30 days! Regardless of who comes in the building before you, we keep it clean for every visit! A short video of sanitization cleaning is provided below.

Our staff has really stepped up this entire time. We've had masks on since St Patty's Day, and we perform temp and symptom checks of our employees upon arrival. Our hosts are holding doors open and cleaning common touch areas like the front doors, bathroom doors, faucets, and common touch areas. Hand sanitizer is available throughout the building. We have digital menus for hands free ordering or if you want the hard copy, we sanitize our menus after every use.

We have been and always will be safe for you, our customer. We will say it isn't easy, but you're worth it!